1882 - 1959

Much has been written about Frederick Albert Mitchell-Hedges (F.A.), some factual but a great deal of fantasy.  F.A. was a complex man, an explorer, adventurer, author, inventor and an entrepreneur.  I will leave others to comment on his travels and claims (and the claims of his adopted daughter Anna) and the question of the authenticity of the crystal skull commonly known as The Skull of Doom.

The information here is of a genealogical nature together with other documented events about the life of F.A. and his family.

F.A’s grandparents were George Hedges and Louisa nee Mitchell.  It can be seen, therefore, that the name Mitchell came from his paternal Grandmother.  George has been described as a labourer, butcher or cattle dealer.  He married Louisa Mitchell 22 February 1846 at St. Mary’s Church Islington.  Their eldest son John was born 15 January 1847 at Aston Abbots in Buckinghamshire.

On 5 October 1872 John Hedges married Julia Alice Goldstein the daughter of Martin Goldstein who, like John, was a silversmith.  The marriage took place at St. Mary, Upper Street, Islington.

22 October 1882  Frederick Albert Hedges (he incorporated Mitchell into his name when a young adult) was born at 96 John Street Islington the son of John Hedges and Julia Alice. 

At the time of the 1891 Census the family were living at 74 Bishop Road, Paddington including George Mitchell born 1887 and Dorothy Bertha born 1888.

In 1905 F.A. was in Canada and it is recorded that in February of 1905 he travelled from Montreal to New York his occupation being shown as Stock Broker.

It was at The Register Office, St. George Hanover Square, London on 24 November 1906 that F.A. (then using the surname Mitchell-Hedges) married Lilian Agnes Clarke who was 27, 3 years his senior.  Lilian was the daughter of Alexander and Charlotte Clarke. 

On 18 June 1907 FA submitted to the Patent Office (through an Agent) a Specification for “Improvement in Breeches or Knickers for Riding, Shooting, Fishing, Golfing and kindred purposes”.  This Specification was accepted 17 October 1907.   The Specification gives FA’s address at 70 Claverton Street, Pimlico, London.

Sunday, 2 April 1911 was the date of the 1911 Census for England and Wales.  F.A. was, on that date, with his wife Lilian, at the home of his mother-in-law Charlotte Clarke, Southview, Sandbanks, Near Parkstone, Dorset.  Mrs. Clarke was a widow aged 51.  F.A. completed and signed this Census form on behalf of his mother-in-law.   With them were 2 servants, a male gardener and a female general domestic servant.  

F.A. had a son Frederick Joseph Stanners Mitchell-Hedges born 17 October 1914 at Wymering Mansions, Paddington.  F.A. and the child’s mother Mary Florence Stanners both registered the birth of their son on 24 November 1914. 

During November 1930 a Decree Nisi was granted against Lady Lilian Mabel Alice Richmond Brown in respect of her marriage to Frederick Richmond Brown due to her admitted adultery with FA.

Burgate Manor, Hampshire became his home from 1942 to 1946.  In April 1853 he moved from Cornwall to Farley Castle, Farley Hill, Near Reading in Berkshire where he lived for 5 years.  April 1958 FA with his adopted daughter Miss Anna le Guillon moved from Farley Castle to Sheldon House, Sheldon, South Devon.

Late in the year 1957 FA was admitted to St. George’s Hospital London for an operation.  January 1959, at the age of 76, he had a further operation at Teignmouth Hospital and left hospital at the end of January to convalesce at Sheldon House.

FA died, at home, on 12 June 1959 and his funeral was held at Torquay Crematorium on 15 June 1959.  At his express wish his ashes were scattered at sea off Southampton.  His Net Estate was £2,199.

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